Studenten en Corona

Students and Corona

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What does the Corona crisis do with your income as a student?

Corona en studenten

Who has the youth, has the future is that not the saying? Well, our youthful fellow countrymen are increasingly in the shit.

What is going on?

Students are expected to obtain their diplomas through optimal performance. However, the circumstances under which many students have to deliver optimal performance are becoming increasingly difficult. Those who do not have wealthy parents to assist them often have to go through side jobs to make ends meet. Read among others Het Parool

Rising rents for rooms, study debts and travel costs are just a few of the factors that students have to contend with today. Since March, the CORONA crisis has overcome this, causing many student jobs to be lost. Take the catering industry where many students earn some extra money. CLOSE!

How on earth do you get the money to close that gap without putting yourself all in the stress? Mmmm Maybe affiliate marketing is a solution for you? Read in this link the general information about how affiliate marketing works and determine if it is for you.

Now the trick is of course to do affiliate marketing where you can earn a good income but with minimal effort. And preferably also what that social something adds to society. However? Well, there may be an option that brings both together in one option.

PcHelp50Plus.com is one such company that could make you an interesting offer. PcHelp50Plus is a specialist in Remote computer repair services in UK and soon all Europe.

Helping the elderly with their computer problems is already done by, for example, a home student, but what you earn as a student is a pittance. When you help elderly people as an affiliate for PcHelp50Plus, you do 2 things at the same time. You come into social contact with the elderly, where you drink a cup of coffee and at the same time you introduce them to the company for internet and computer support. When the customer makes a purchase, you will receive a commission on the amount spent ex VAT.

The time invested in a customer contact is up to you, but in principle within an hour you have built up a nice relationship with the customer and you advise the service. The commission on a purchase can vary from 30 to 100 euros per purchase.

Conclusion, everyone happy!

For more information go to https://pchelp50plus.com/affiliate-area

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