Home Office Plan 12 Months

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Help and Support from our certified IT professionals
We will help you fixing the issues in your computer and all your questions will be answered!


Home Office Plan 12 Months

Hours of operation

Help and Support from our certified IT professionals

We will help you fixing the issues in your computer and all your questions will be answered!

365 days a year 24/7

Technical online assistance (value; priceless)

Unlimited hours per month

Utility & malware cleanup (value; priceless)

1 time per month, we check your computer manually for all threats that may have passed the security.

Plus weekly automated cleanup by our special installed cleaning software.

Number of devices for support

Maximum 3

Response time (from ticket creation)


PC50 Plus Total Security Software for 7 devices (value 150 € per year)

Complete protection for your device that goes beyond antivirus & anti-malware software. Powered by:


Unbeatable threat detection to stop sophisticated malware

Multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your files safe

Minimal impact on your system performance

PC50 Plus IntelliSafeguard

Latest treat prevention technology to pro active protect your systems.

PC50 Plus Safe Browse

Protects your browsing and blocks advertising leading to malicious websites or software downloads.

Total Updates and PC maintenance check 1 per Year (value 1500€ per year)

1 time per year we check your whole computer in order to make sure all system perform to the maximum capacity.

Transferable Subscription

We transfer you subscription from one computer to another on your request.

Upgrade Service

Uprade for the operational system on your request. NOTE: Windows OS may require an additional purchase of a product key.

Software installing and uninstall service

We help you installing or un-installing sofware on your device in order to prevent corrupt software taking up valuable memory on your device.

Content Control

Advanced content control to decide which content can be visited safe online

VIP Treatment

As a VIP you will always get the newest updates and discounts first.

Personal IT Supporter in your language

In the VIP subscription you can request a personal support agent in your own language.

VPN secure internet connection (value 60€ per year)

In the security package is a VPN connection available for secure browsing on the internet and to mask your IP address.

Security Central Management  (value; Priceless)

We manage from your browser on iOS or Android phone your network to make sure F-Secure runs perfectly.

Pc Help 50 Plus Router with 100% Encryption for all your devices.

Protects all your personal and business data unlike standard routers.

All data as well as all the internet traffic going in and out of your homeoffice is encrypted and confidential.

If you have any questions regarding this Home Office Plan 12 Months information on this page, please feel free to email us here.

All our service we provide according to the GDPR regulations compliance rules.

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