Peter Pc Help 50Plus welcomes you.

Peter Pc Help 50Plus welcomes you | I have been a senior advisor in the IT sector for years. After my move I ended up at this company and I have to say with great pleasure. I have been working there for several months now and I feel very connected. To be able to help people with their computer problems is a great satisfaction for me. The elderly in particular benefit from our services. I hope to see you all.

Peter Pc Help 50 Plus

If you like me so set a support meeting remotely with you, fill out the contact form below with your; Name, Family name, Email and Phone number and will call you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions information on this page, please feel free to email us here.

All our service we provide according to the GDPR regulations compliance rules.

You can me a mail trought the form below.

    Agents Selection and Training

    Agents in the PcHelp50Plus platform have been selected in a strict selection procedure. Our HR department screens every candidate based on the compliance GDPR regulations set by the EU. Every potential agent is required to hand a copy of his passport and a non-criminal record statement from the government of his origin. NIE and social security registration are also document required before applying for the position. Our Human Recourse department is constantly looking for agents which speak the native languages of our clients. They also need to be familiar with the customs of the GEO clients are located in order to understand the social background of the clients.

    Next the agents get an intensive training how to deal with our precious clients. The number one skill we are looking for is “patience”. Since most of our clients are seniors they do not understand that much from the internet or computers. Patience therefore is the keystone in every contact in order not to frustrate the client. The knowledge gap between our agents and the clients need to be filled by explaining the client in simple examples what the agent is doing and why. After all the client can only make the correct decision when the explanation given is an understandable one. The client can also choose to stay with a certain agent when feeling comfortable with this person. Every agent has his own page with a biography and a picture of him/herself so the client understand who is speaking. The client therefore will be able to contact the correct person directly through his personal page and email address on the platform. The structure is set up with the most important idea in mind. Client satisfaction! At your service!

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