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Internet Fraude Elderly Goes Viral During Covid 19

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Internet Fraude Elderly becomes a bigger problem by the day. In fact almost by the hour!

Internet Fraude Elderly | The Internet is a blessing and a burden at the same time, at least for some of the less educated on these modern skills.

Internet Fraude Elderly becomes a real problem as internet internet fraudsters become more and more clever every day. They know how to cheat on the vonerable group in our sociaty. They ‘learn’ from their ‘mistakes’ and practice even your native language.

And NO they do not look like this… Internet Fraude Elderly

They might be ordinary people that live on the other side of the world and they will talk you into trusting them. Any Email, Downoad, Link or Website can bring into a position in which scammers take advantage of you. Well I can ask somebody some of might say. Yes, but who are you going to ask, available and having enough knowledge on what to do? Unfortunately many live alone or with an elderly partner who doesn’t know either. They do not have somebody to fall back on and ask questions what to do.

And then there is the Fraudulant Calls and Texting, named spoofing nowadays via Whatsapp or any other application. A whole new trend which had 700+ cases over the last week alone in the Netherlands. And most frightening, 70% of them result in a scam!

Internet Fraude Elderly | So are they lost?

No, not at all!

Internet Fraude Elderly can easy be prevented if they just would have someone to back them at that perticular moment, right?

What is the most clever thing to do is to make sure you have your devices secured, your wifi secured and anti virus installed. Furthermore to have regular maintainance on your systems and cleanups in order to make sure no malicious sofware takes over your computer. Now, I hear you saying, who can do that for us, right?

Internet Fraude Elderly | Here is the all in one perfect solution…

Pc Help 50 Plus has the answer to all your questions and problems. We support the elderly and small businesses in every aspect. Unlike any other service we support you in order to make sure you can surf the internet in a secure way. We help you with every security threat there might be. We will be your beacon in moments of stress, just give us a call and we analyze the situation for you and hands you the solution.

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PcHelp50Plus.com works strictly with the GDPR regulations in mind in order to comply with the law for remote computer services.

Contact us now and let our friendly staff advice you

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