Compliance department is there to make sure your privacy is safe!

Compliance starts with our founders. They have drawn up the company policy in such way that every customer and staff member feels comfortable. The interaction between our staff and the customer is the foundation on which we want to build a structure. Ultimately, the customer benefits and passes the word on to other potential customers.

Human Resourse

Our HR department get instructions from our compliance department. We select ONLY the best staff with good credentials for your benefit. Every staff member is screened on ID and criminal records.

As a result of our training aimed on a long term relationship, we are confident our precious customers will stay with us. After all, a satisfied customer gives good reviews. So, if you are satisfied, tell others. If not, tell us!

GDPR regulations

GDPR Compliance

Every time we connect to our customer through a remote connection, the session is recorded for training purposes. This is to asses the video and phone call. The Compliance department checks whether the session is in accordance with the privacy policy of the GDPR.

For GDPR regulations we implemented a small questionary on the ‘help’ page where the customer has to answer 4 questions.

  • First of all, they must indicate that they are 18 years or older.
  • Second, that the device they are working on is their own or has full decision-making authority.
  • Third, the customer must legally confirm that they are free from custody inorder to make decisions.
  • Fourth, they must agree to the PcHelp50Plus privacy terms.

In order to be of service to the customer, we need the customer’s telephone number(s) and e-mail address. Permission is given to use this data only for our own purposes according to our privacy and cookie conditions.

All this is set up to ensure that the customer feels safe and that we as a company build our good reputation.

Feel free to drop us a mail if you have additional questions.

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