Leon Pc Help 50 Plus


Hello, my name is Leon and I am the founder of this platform. Our goal here is to make it as comfortable and effective as possible to maintain and secure your devices. Call us at any moment when you experience a problem with your devices.

Niels Pc Help 50 Plus


My passion is computers and the internet and it is great to be able to contribute to Pc Help 50 Plus. Especially helping seniors really appeals to me. I hope you will all use my services so that you can surf the web safely.


I have been a senior advisor in the IT sector for years. After my move I ended up at this company and I have to say with great pleasure. I have been working there for several months now and I feel very connected. To be able to help people with their computer problems is a great satisfaction for me. The elderly in particular benefit from our services. I hope to see you all.

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