Before registering as affiliate, please be aware that there is NO automatic approval! All requests are checked on authenticity before approval. This means your identity will be checked and has to be confirmed with documents.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers reward their partners for the sales or leads generated by the affiliate. Affiliates can achieve this by, among other things, placing advertisements or links from advertisers on their website, social media or forums. Basically you can share it anywhere on the internet.

What you need to do in order to earn money.

In order to make good money you share the link we provide you on as many places on the internet as possible. You can add the link in a photo which you post, or just in a comment for example on facebook in a group you are a member of. The best way is, to add a personal experience with the service we provide. In that way it is a personal review and a recommendation for the product. Make sure you do this in a natural way, not as an advertisement!

How will you get paid?

Our backoffice system registers all the sales which are done via your incoming link. Automatically the commissions will be cummulated in your personal account. You can login to your account at any time you like. According to GDPR regulations the clients have a 30 day cool down period. In this period they ‘can’ cancel the order. However this happens very rear and is not really something to worry about. After 30 days the commissions will be paid to any bank account or automatically send to a PayPal account.

What is the commission?

The commission are set on 10% on all paid sales excluding VAT.

If you are an affiliate visiting potential customers.

The most effective way is to visit a client in trouble. At this moment with the COVID 19 situation this is not always possible. However if you do visit a client, the first thing you MUST do is protect yourself but above all the client, as most of our clients are seniors. Follow the rules, do NOT make an exeption!

Visiting the clients is a very good way to promote our product as seniors most of the time do not have much knowledge about computers and the internet. When you visit, your task is 1. to check the internet connection. Is it working and is it strong enough for a Anydesk connection. 2. Install Anydesk, activate it and send us the client Name and Anydesk ID. Next, you advice the client in a nice and friendly way to visit our site (via your affiliate link of course) in order to get professional help.

This introduction from you and your help will be much appreciated by the clients. Most of the time they will offer you a drink or a cup of coffee in order to have a friendly chat. This will all add to the confidence of the service.

Good luck!



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